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Bar -A Hunting & Fishing Ranch

Bar-A Hunting & Fishing Ranch is a private rental property that spans over 500 wildlife-filled acres located approximately 8 miles from the heart of Mason, Texas in the serene Texas Hill Country. Mason is known for whitetail deer. The cabin complex located on the banks of the pristine Llano River adjoins scenic Peter’s Creek bluff. It is the place where Hill Country hunting, fishing and event memories are made!

Come have fun in the water!

In the Llano:

  • Fish
  • Swim
  • Kayak
  • Explore
  • Just Float

In the Pool:

  • Swim
  • Splash
  • Just Lounge

Bar-A Hunting & Fishing Ranch offers fantastic fishing opportunities! Fishermen and water enthusiasts have private, easy access to the Llano River. The Llano River is known for its’ largemouth bass, Guadalupe smallmouth bass and catfish. We offer kayaking, canoeing equipment and paddle boats for water sports fans. The above ground swimming pool, which features a deck and sunning chairs is perfect for adults and children.

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Three Charming Cabins…

..with beautiful breezeways in between.

Bar-A’s three-cabin complex sleeps up to 13 people in air conditioned & heated comfort. Adjoining covered breezeway areas are perfect for relaxing and have seating areas for large or smaller groups. As dusk falls, they are festive alcoves with seating under twinkling party lights.

Cabin 1

Cabin One sleeps up to six with a queen sofa/bed, comfy recliners and bunk beds. It has a fully furnished kitchen complete with a microwave, toaster oven, and coffee pot. It offers a full bath, washer/dryer, Wi-Fi, cable TV, electric fireplace and land-line phone.

Cabin 2

Cabin Two features a queen-sized bed, over-sized recliner, cable TV, landline phone and Wi-Fi and has amazing views of the Llano River and surrounding natural geological formations. The spacious front porch looks out on the sizeable fire pit seating area and the sloping path to the Llano River access.

Cabin 3

Cabin Three has separate bedrooms with bunk beds and a fullsize bed and full bathroom. It also adjoins Cabin Two by a breezeway/ breakfast area overlooking the Llano River.

The three cabins are arranged in an “L” configuration, with the open dining areas in between.

Hiking Around the Ranch

  • The Bar-A Hunting & Fishing Ranch has over 400 acres accessible to visitors, with one of the most majestic features being the dramatic bluffs running along the banks of Peter’s Creek.
  • The land was settled in the 1850’s and evidence such as the hand built stone pens remains to tell the story. Our deer stands are strategically located to be easy to access providing the best views of major game trails.
  • We are proud of our slice of the Texas Hill Country and the wonders that dot our land. Whether you are looking for a great hunt, a beautiful hike, nice fishing or kayaking, we have it covered

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Bar-A Outdoor Facilities

Tons of fun all around your cabins!

Our amenities leave nothing to chance making Bar-A Hunting & Fishing Ranch a fabulous multi-purpose private rental complex perfect for your next getaway!

Outdoor Kitchen

Our outdoor conveniences include a dedicated deer processing area, large barbeque pit and a covered outdoor kitchen area with stove and oven, deep fryer, refrigerator/freezer, sizeable stainless-steel grill and bar area. It is the ultimate ‘Outdoor Kitchen’ and often becomes the favorite gathering area for guests.

2 Covered Dining Areas

Connecting our cabins we have some wonderful areas. Between Cabin 1 & 2 we have two seating areas, complete with “diner bench”. Between Cabin 2 &3 we have a lovely breezeway bar where you can sit, sip, and overlook the Llano.

Massive Fire Pit

When night falls, grab some mesquite wood and build a roaring bonfire in our large fire pit. This 10ft diameter stone ring, which overlooks the Llano River, can easily accommodate two dozen people roasting marshmallows!

Or kick back and watch the river roll by on our back porch.

Out in the country…

…but not hard to find.

  • From the town square, head southeast on US-87 toward Fredericksburg for 1.1 miles.
  • You’ll notice the entrance to the town park/stadium opposite the turn off to RR 1723.
  • Turn right onto Ranch Rd 1723 and drive for 2.4 miles.
  • Turn right onto Ranch Rd 2389 go 4.1 miles to Korn Pasture Rd.
  • Drive down Korn Pasture Rd. and you’ll see our sign at the end.

Whitetail Deer Hunts

Hill Country whitetail deer hunting is legendary and Mason sees hunters from across the nation every year. We have multiple stands, blinds, and feeders located around the property accessible by foot or four wheeler. Once you’ve bagged your buck we have a cleaning facility available back at the cabins as well as a large freezer for storing the meat.

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Call – (325) 294-4187 or (325) 347-2187

Or email baramasontx@gmail.com